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  • How is your heart today?
    with Dr. Sarah Hardy Walsh

    Dr. Sarah Hardy Walsh, ND, IBCLC shares how she helps women cultivate resilience during their transition to motherhood through community based drop-in sessions, group programs and private house call consultations. She shares her thoughts and experience on providing compassionate care for women and babies, advice for how to connect with your inner wisdom to determine your core values as a parent, and her wishes for changes to how women are supported in their early days of mothering. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Share Your Spare
    with Lindsay Murray

    In Canada, at any given time, there are approximately 4,500 people waiting for organ transplants. 76% of them are waiting for a kidney. Lindsay Murray is the Production Manager at Anointment and in 2019 she became a living kidney donor. She shares her story, post-surgery successes, debunks the fear around living organ donation and proves that life with one kidney doesn't have to slow you down! Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Peeing When You Sneeze is Not a Rite of Passage
    with Ramona Kieser

    How often have you heard conversations between girlfriends joking about peeing themselves if they laugh too hard as though it is a fact of aging or a consequence of having children? Pelvic floor physiotherapist Ramona Kieser, PT discusses pelvic floor health, how peeing when you sneeze is NOT inevitable, and how common pelvic floor issues can be professionally evaluated and treated. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Diet Culture is a Life Thief
    with Dr. Jennifer Salib-Huber

    Unpack the baggage we have been carrying around body image, diet, and exercise with Dr. Jennifer Salib-Huber, ND, RD. Learn about the Intuitive Eating philosophy and body positivity movement. Unravel the mindset of diet culture and witness the personal growth that can happen when have space to shift our perspective beyond the scale. Listen // Read the show notes »

The Ripple Effect Podcast

About the Podcast

April MacKinnon dives into how reframing our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and bravely chasing our dreams, ripple out to change the world, one action at a time. And how, sometimes, it is the small moments in life that lead to a complete pivot in perspective, only to be found in hindsight. More about April »

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