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  • Recovering from C-section Birth
    with Katie Kelly, B.Sc., M.Sc., PT

    Pelvic floor physiotherapist Katie Kelly, B.Sc., M.Sc., PT, offers preparation tips for and recovering from c-section birth along with new research on how to care for your c-section scar from a physical and mental health perspective. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • How the Podcast Was Born
    with April MacKinnon

    Host April MacKinnon shares the personal story that led her to this moment: from a career in Engineering to a natural parenting store to a skin care formulator and brand owner and a woman who is passionate about women's reproductive health and wellbeing and how the Ripple Effect Podcast was born. A 10th episode celebration! Listen // Read the show notes »

  • We Are How We Define Ourselves
    with Deanne Fitzpatrick

    Rug hooking artist, author and small business owner Deanne Fitzpatrick describes her journey from professional therapist to embracing her identity as an artist. At the heart of it all how living authentically has shaped a successful career, but even more so, a life of creating beauty every day. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Hypopressives for Pelvic Floor Health
    with Christina De Haas

    Hypopressives instructor, yoga teacher, and doula Christina De Haas describes the practice of hypopressives and how this European postpartum standard of care using breath and posture can improve the strength of your pelvic floor, your abdominals and diaphragm, allow you to be better connected to your body, and contribute to your overall wellness in a way that you can control with a daily (or several days weekly) 10 minute practice. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Unsticking from Story
    with Katharina Reed

    Katharina Reed has been supporting women for over 35 years. Having experienced a transformative event with the birth of her granddaughter, Katharina is filled with a renewed mission to work with women interested in lifting themselves up, shed self-limiting beliefs and intergenerational stories to live their potential. Using archetypes to identify her story, Katharina shares what led her here, how it has shaped her work and inspired a new business. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Things We Don’t Talk About
    with Renee Warren

    Serial entrepreneur Renee Warren candidly tells her story of becoming a mother - twice - in 11 months while building a business, and in an incredibly busy season of life. She found herself caught in what she came to understand was an undiagnosed postpartum mood disorder. Renee shares her experience, the moment she realized she needed to take steps to achieve better balance, and how that has shaped her life and led to a business helping entrepreneurial families achieve balance of their own. Listen // Read the show notes »

The Ripple Effect Podcast

About the Podcast

April MacKinnon dives into how reframing our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and bravely chasing our dreams, ripple out to change the world, one action at a time. And how, sometimes, it is the small moments in life that lead to a complete pivot in perspective, only to be found in hindsight. More about April »

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