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  • Leaning Into Your Niche
    with Deanne Fitzpatrick

    How a simple text exchange between Deanne Fitzpatrick, host of the Create Beauty Everyday podcast and April MacKinnon became an explanation of April’s business clarity, leadership growth, lessons learned, and […] Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Postpartum Support
    with Amy MacAulay

    Amy MacAulay, owner of Embrace Doula, Atlantic Canada’s first agency-model postpartum doula mentorship program talks about the increasing demand for postpartum doula support, her shift in focus from birth to […] Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Women and Connection
    with Wendy McCallum

    Women need connection. Balance and Burnout coach Wendy McCallum and I tell our personal stories of discovering the need for connection and our experience of building community among women. We […] Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Dying to Be a Good Mother
    with Heather Chauvin

    Leadership coach, host of the Mom Is In Control podcast and author of Dying to Be a Good Mother, Heather Chauvin reveals vulnerable truths about womanhood, marriage, parenting, living through stage 4 cancer and running a successful business without burning out. Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Small Consistent Steps Forward
    with April Mackinnon

    How 2020 broke me open and allowed me to let go of old beliefs. After a long break from this community, I am rebuilding from the ground up with small, […] Listen // Read the show notes »

  • Autism, Mental Health and Open Sky
    with Margaret Tusz-King

    Co-founder of Open Sky, Margaret Tusz-King, shares her story of how a family history of austim, her career in health sciences, post-graduate work in Adult Education, environmentalism and social activism led to her Ripple Effect: the creation of a sustainable farm and program facility in Sackville, NB founded to fill a gap in support services for adults who experience barriers due to social disabilities or mental health challenges. Listen // Read the show notes »

The Ripple Effect Podcast

About the Podcast

April MacKinnon dives into how reframing our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and bravely chasing our dreams, ripple out to change the world, one action at a time. And how, sometimes, it is the small moments in life that lead to a complete pivot in perspective, only to be found in hindsight. More about April »

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