Moving Forward With An Open Heart
with Betsy Thomas

For 27 years Bummis cloth diapers lived their commitment to “Made Here” manufacturing and for their advocacy of the juvenile products industry. At a crucial point in their business, they suddenly exited the market in what founder Betsy Thomas describes as a conflagration.

Betsy shares the story of growth, the circumstances that led to the end of the business she began at home with three small children, spent most of her adult life building, and how she took the pain, grief, and loss and turned it into a new beginning at age 64. 

The Ripple Effect Podcast

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April MacKinnon dives into how reframing our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and bravely chasing our dreams, ripple out to change the world, one action at a time. And how, sometimes, it is the small moments in life that lead to a complete pivot in perspective, only to be found in hindsight. More about April »

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